Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Too Hot for You?

I have been in the studio diligently editing my latest episode on summer nutrition. Your body is affected by the weather and seasons, as well as our digestion, more than you might think! In this episode a couple of my guests are experts at Ayurvedic nutrition. Talya Lutzker and Elizabeth Cunningham Bossart share with us how the summer can change the way we feel depending on our "Dosha." Some of us may love the warm summer and feel "defrosted" while others of us are overwhelmed by the heat!

Being of the fire dosha, Pita, this made me laugh to learn about myself. I can remember summer as a child and going to sleep away camps. One particular summer at Girl Scout camp, (Yes I was a Girl Scout for 10 years!) when I was about 12, the other girls were impressed with how warm I stayed when it got cool at night. A few of the girls wanted me to sleep next to them as their personal heater!

Though I love the sun and warm weather the best, summer can often be a hot, miserable time for me if I don't take care of my body and nourish it with cooling foods and lots of water.

Here is just a taste of this upcoming episode. In this 4 minute clip, Talya shows us how to make a cooling, raw, vegan pesto. It is so tasty! She gave me a full jar of it to take home afterward and I ate the whole thing with a spoon right away! I couldn't control myself! It was just that good!

I hope you enjoy this teaser and look for the full episode in the next couple weeks on Community TV of Santa Cruz County or on the Healing From the Roots website,

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